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Japan Biblical Theological Seminary
Brief History of JBTS
The Brief History of the Japan Biblical Theological Seminary

 The Japan Biblical Theological Seminary was founded on the faith blessed by God of the Evangelical Church in America.

 A group of German immigrants united with the Methodist faith came to the State of Pennsylvania at the end of the 18th Century. And of them, a man named Jacob Albright started to organize a religious group among the German farmers and factory laborers, which grew up into a simple but big religious community.

 This community held a general assembly meeting in 1816, and decided to go to act in the society life as the Evangelical Association. In 1822, it was newly named as the Evangelical Church, and as the result of its religious, earnest activities in the States, many churches were born widely there.

 After that domestic successful achievement, the Church turned its active action into abroad, and in 1876, the three missionaries, that is, Karl Adolph Philip Halmhuber、Fredelick C Klecker、and Rachel Hudson were sent to Japan. They were experts capable to work in the field of medical and education as well. And their missions were to devote themselves in bringing evangelical good tidings far into here and there through out in Japanese countries.

 In 1912, the Evangelical Church purchased the site of considerable space in the district of Mejiro and eventually moved there, leaving behind Tsukiji, which used to be the long-time headquarters since the dawn of the evangelical movements in Japan. Just before that, the Reverend & Mrs. Mayer came to Japan in 1909, and the Church contributed together with them to put the foundations of the Mejiro Church and the Japan Biblical Theological Seminary there in Mejiro.

 Since then, owing to the missionaries and their faithful followers both of whom did a good deal of service and sacrifice together, the Evangelical Church had achieved its missionary in promoting Christian faith in many a Japanese city and village, but in 1941, as Japan went into the WWII, those missionaries were ordered to go back to the US. At the same time, the Japanese government built the law called Religious Party Act to control those religious groups under its observation. As the result, various parties were united into one organization, and the Japan Evangelical Church became the United Church of Christian in Japan.

 On the other hand, the Evangelical Church in the US was jointed with the Brethren Church in 1946, and in 1968, with the Methodist Church. The Evangelical Church, therefore, is nowhere now as an individual church of its own anymore.

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